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Accelerate Success with DocIQ AI

Revolutionize Your Document and Contract Lifecycle Management

Experience unparalleled efficiency and revolutionize your document creation, automation, and analysis with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and a "choose the model" approach.

SmartDocs in One Click.
Transform static documents into dynamic SmartDocs effortlessly using AI technology. Save time and resources while ensuring accuracy and consistency as our AI expertly anticipates your needs, creates programmable elements dynamically, and automatically infers metadata such as summaries, language, and tags for improved organization and searchability.
Choose the Model Approach.
Select the ideal AI model for each task, balancing performance and data privacy requirements. DocIQ offers a wide range of options, from custom local models to breakthrough technologies like GPT-4.
DocumentVQA - Visual Question Answering.
Interact with individual or groups of documents using our innovative chat-based interface that leverages artificial intelligence to provide accurate responses to complex queries, regardless of the number of documents involved.
Semantic Search & Auto-Complete.
Leverage your company's collective knowledge with our AI-powered semantic search engine and reuse or adapt previously created content without actively having to search for it.
AI-Powered Content Creation & Customization.
Harness the power of DocIQ AI to automatically generate context-aware content, seamlessly integrated with SmartObjects and versatile assets. From legal contracts and proposals to prose, tables, and diagrams, our platform ensures that every element in your document is tailored to perfection. Easily adapt your content's tone, purpose, or target audience while creating visually appealing assets that enhance your text and elevate overall communication.
AI-Powered Contract Reviews.
Minimize risks and ensure compliance with our AI-driven contract review feature. Analyze legal contracts or clauses/terms, identify potential issues, and receive recommendations to optimize your agreements and protect your interests. Experience the confidence that comes with intelligent contract management.
Language Translation & Rewriting.
Break language barriers with state-of-the-art translation services. Automatically rewrite content for different tones, aims or audiences using the power of AI.
Document Comparison & Analysis.
Visually identify semantic differences between documents and receive expert AI contract reviews to ensure compliance and reduce risks.
Document Insights and Data Extraction.
Leverage the power of AI-driven analysis to uncover and automatically extract valuable structured data and insights from SmartDocs and other formats such as .pdf, .docx, .ppt, .csv, .txt and .html within your organization. Enable better decision-making and reveal hidden opportunities.


Discover how DocIQ has transformed document management for businesses across industries.

“With DocIQ we have chosen a solution that is fresh, modern, enormously powerful and yet easy to use. It allows us to implement exactly what we need completely visually; without any IT projects or programming knowledge.”

“DocIQ is enabling our startup, Alpine White, to streamline processes, therefore save time and money. As a founder, I've personally witnessed how its cutting-edge AI capabilities and user-friendly SmartDocs save time, enhance collaboration, and simplify document management.”

Reto Wälchli

“'There are things known, and things unknown. And in between are the doors', someone said. DocIQ is a door like that for text. It is visual, simple and spurs innovation in our firm. With that, it opens up new territories for us: New products, machine based legal process, and many more. We have embarked on that 'no-code' journey. And it is thrilling.”

Christian Laux

“We've experienced tremendous success using DocIQ for seamless collaboration with the members of the Swiss Insurance Association, enhancing our productivity and effectiveness.”

Christian Bischof

“DocIQ embodies innovation, sophistication, and productivity. It's the way I enjoy working with documents.”

Stephan Besold
Scaramanga Consulting GmbH

“DocIQ has transformed our administrative processes at Validity Labs AG, streamlining document management and collaboration across our teams. Its innovative AI and SmartDocs have optimized our operations, enabling us to focus on delivering innovative blockchain solutions while ensuring seamless back-office efficiency.”

André Wolke

Powerful & Efficient

Transform your documents into intelligent tools, no coding required.

Harness State-of-the-Art Technology to Simplify Complex Processes: Build Customizable SmartDocs that Adapt to User Inputs and Enhance Teamwork.

SmartEdit: Revolutionize Document Creation.
Experience the power of our intuitive and user-friendly visual editor - SmartEdit. Seamlessly craft and edit documents without any technical expertise or coding knowledge. Unlock a world of efficient document creation designed to enhance your workflow.
Programmable Documents.
Transform static content into dynamic, programmable SmartDocs with ease. Leverage powerful features like variables, calculations, and conditional sections to create adaptable and personalized documents for every user interaction.
Reusable SmartObjects & Centralized SmartBlocks.
Streamline your processes by centralizing reusable content in the form of SmartObjects and SmartBlocks. Easily update multiple linked documents simultaneously while maintaining consistent information across your organization.
Versatile Use Cases for SmartDocs.
Discover endless possibilities with SmartDocs - collaborate on projects, negotiate contracts, gather data through interactive forms, or even develop bespoke applications. Whatever your goals with document management are, achieving them is now simpler, quicker, more interactive, and accurate thanks to the unparalleled adaptability of SmartDocs.
Simplifying Data Exchange.
Whether you're a DocIQ user or not, anyone can interact with your SmartDocs, thanks to our user-friendly data entry interface. Collect information from users without requiring an account and create tailored documents that adapt to individual needs automatically.
Effortless Collaboration.
Invite partners or clients as guests to collaborate on projects or secure virtual data rooms in real-time. Share specific documents for editing or data entry while maintaining control over access permissions. Enhance teamwork across departments and organizations with ease.

Streamline Processes

Versatile Solutions, Unrivaled Efficiency

Unleash the full potential of DocIQ across industries and teams, tailored to your specific needs. Experience unmatched adaptability and seamless integration to drive your organization's success.

Workflows, Supercharged

Enhance Your Lifecycle Management

Discover how DocIQ’s automation and integration features will transform your document management. From dynamic approval workflows to no-code application development, our features are designed to optimize the effectiveness of your workflows and take control of your document management, no matter your industry or organization size. Explore our automation and integration features below to learn how DocIQ can help you elevate your document management to new heights.

Event Triggers and Webhooks.
Automate routine tasks like payment collection and deadline management with real-time event triggers and webhooks. When a trigger event occurs, your DocIQ platform will automatically take action, saving you time and effort. With seamless integration, you can streamline your workflow and boost productivity like never before.
Dynamic Approval and Signature Workflows.
Say goodbye to tedious approval processes and hello to streamlined workflows with customizable, dynamic approval and signature workflows linked to SmartObjects. Share SmartDocs seamlessly with clients, enhancing collaboration and expediting secure electronic signatures. With DocIQ, you can simplify complex workflows and accelerate your document management to new heights.
API and Zapier Integration.
Connect your DocIQ platform with numerous other applications, services, and tools using our robust API or Zapier for seamless workflow automation. Our integration options make it easy to integrate your DocIQ platform with your existing tools and workflows, so you can streamline your document management and boost efficiency. With DocIQ, you can achieve ultimate convenience and functionality.
No-Code Application Development.
With DocIQ’s embedded SmartForms, you can create dynamic applications that trigger events, generate SmartDocs, and optimize business processes without coding expertise. Our no-code application development empowers you to craft customized solutions that meet your unique needs and streamline your workflow. Take control of your document management with DocIQ.

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Collaborate Smarter

Enhanced Teamwork

Elevate your team's efficiency and streamline communication with our powerful collaboration tools designed for seamless interaction with internal and external stakeholders.

Real-Time Collaboration.
Experience seamless collaboration with team members and stakeholders through our real-time editing functionality. With DocIQ's change-tracking and instant synchronization, all users can view the most up-to-date versions of documents, ensuring transparent and efficient decision-making. Reduce bottlenecks and promote a streamlined workflow that keeps everyone on the same page.
Commenting & Redlining.
Foster clear and concise communication within your team by utilizing DocIQ's commenting and redlining features. Directly propose and discuss changes within the document to eliminate misunderstandings and encourage productive dialogue. Accelerate response times and improve overall communication among your organization, clients, and external partners.
Centralized Content & Linked SmartBlocks.
Empower your team to access, organize, and store vital documents with ease using DocIQ's centralized content platform. Benefit from the efficiency and compliance advantages offered by Linked SmartBlocks, enabling you to maintain accuracy, consistency, and relevance across multiple documents. Minimize redundancies while facilitating an agile and responsive workflow.
Advanced Granular Permissions.
Take advantage of DocIQ's advanced permission system to promote collaboration while safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring consistency, compliance, and ease-of-use. Control access rights for individual SmartBlocks and specific SmartObjects, allowing you to determine which parts of the document can be edited or which data can be entered. This granular control empowers you to maintain confidentiality and streamline document sharing with both internal and external parties, ultimately enhancing productivity and reducing errors.
Secure Virtual Data Rooms.
Safeguard crucial information and reinforce trust among stakeholders with DocIQ's secure virtual data rooms. Share and collaborate on sensitive documents in a protected environment that ensures data integrity, restricted access, and regulatory compliance. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your clients' and partners' information is well-secured.
Version Control & Audit Trails.
Ensure accountability and simplify the retrieval of past updates with our comprehensive version control system and audit trails. DocIQ's robust tracking capabilities allow you to monitor document changes, user actions, and project progress with ease. Safeguard critical project insights and optimize your team's ability to assess and adapt as needed.

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Trust Matters

Security and Data Privacy

At DocIQ, we understand our customers handle sensitive data and expect unparalleled security. That's why our commitment to security and data privacy is one of our core values.

Swiss Hosting

Our platform is securely hosted in Swiss ISO 27001 certified data centers, operating under the swiss hosting label. This ensures that your data remains in Switzerland and can only be accessed by third parties via the Swiss authorities. We also offer isolated tenants or self-hosted options for cases requiring data segregation and enhanced security.

Encryption & Access Management

We employ encryption at rest and follow data privacy regulations and industry best practices. Our stringent access management system restricts employee access to sensitive information, ensuring data remains secure and handled only on a need-to-know basis.

Customizable AI & Integrations

Our choose-your-model approach provides flexibility for AI usage, while maintaining control over your data. All third-party integrations are strictly opt-in, empowering you to select the tools and services that best align with your security and data privacy needs.

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