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DocIQ is a no-code, AI-powered end-to-end document creation, automation, analysis, management, and commercialization platform that enables the entirely visual creation of living smart programmable documents and contracts.
No programming required.

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A better way to create documents

DocIQ's unique editor SmartEdit is the first entirely visual editor for the creation of programmable document & contract templates.


SmartEdit empowers your contract and document templates, enabling you to create powerful programmable SmartTemplates that can generate 100s of documents and forms.

  • No programming required

    Whether you want to create templates using simple variables or even using intricate decision branches, calculations and conditional logic, you do not need to learn a markup or programming language. SmartEdit allows you to develop SmartTemplates entirely visually.

  • No barrier to entry

    SmartEdit can import your existing documents and PDFs and uses natural language processing to help you convert your old static documents into SmartTemplates effortlessly.

  • Snippets

    For content that you repeatedly use throughout your templates, SmartEdit uses snippets. Snippets can consist of only one word or entire paragraphs and can contain the same logic that SmartTemplates provide.

  • DocIQ is fully collaborative

    We believe that it is time to change the way we work together and to save time in the process! Create SmartTemplates with your colleagues and partners or negotiate a contract live with a client during data-entry. Making mistakes while sending documents back and forth by e-mail is a thing of the past!

  • For when you're not online

    DocIQ offers commenting and chat features, change and version tracking as well as a notification system. The dashboard provides you with a birds-eye view of everything relevant.

  • Electronic Signatures

    DocIQ makes handling digital signature processes simple and provides legally binding electronic signatures (SES, AES, QES) in accordance with Swiss & EU law.

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Automate repetitive tasks using DocIQ's workflow engine, create living documents and contracts that connect to the tools you use and access the valuable and actionable data hiding in your documents.

  • Build workflows based on your SmartTemplates

    Construct simple or complex workflows that can include a variety of steps such as text analysis, data entry, export to and import from enterprise systems, and more.

  • Living documents and contracts

    Add no-code hooks and triggers to DocIQ SmartTemplates and enable them to receive and send data or trigger events. Trigger workflows or payments, add contract dates to external calendars, store a finalized contract in external storage, and more.

  • Unlock the full potential of your documents and contracts

    Use the document lifecycle to your advantage and automate contract tasks or document actions. Verify data before a contract is finalized or access real-time data in other systems.

Document management made painless

DocIQ provides you with powerful features, such as unlimited workspaces, metadata, an intuitive sharing and permission system, contract monitoring as well as making sure your snippets and clauses stay up-to-date.

  • Sharing & permissions

    You have full control over which users and which workspaces can read, edit or comment on your SmartTemplates. Once you have generated a document, contract or form, you can even pre-fill and lock individual data-entry fields only allowing specific users to edit them. To allow you to work seamlessly with your partners and clients, you can also share your generated documents and forms without the recipient needing a full DocIQ account.

  • Keep your content current

    Snippets can be inserted into SmartTemplates as uneditable linked snippets. If you update the master snippet you can update all or individual linked snippets with just a simple click.

  • Monitor and analyze

    SmartTemplates are human and machine-readable, which allows you to effortlessly monitor or generate reports from any of the data contained in your documents and contracts, such as contract duration, deadlines or the total number of properties sold.

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Security & Privacy

We take security and the privacy of your data seriously and DocIQ was created with the specific purpose of storing sensitive documents securely.

  • Swiss data centers

    The DocIQ platform and all associated data is hosted in Switzerland in data centres with ISO 27001 certification.

  • No cloud services

    DocIQ was built from the ground up and doesn't use any cloud or 3rd party services unless you connect them yourself (e.g. as a data source). This ensures that your data and content is never shared with anyone until you explicitly choose to do so.

  • Encryption

    Customer data is protected at all times using strong encryption. For data in transit, we use TLS 1.2+ with RSA-4096 bit. For data at rest, we use full-disk encryption with AES-128-CBC.

Monetize your content

Use SmartTemplates to generate documents, questionnaires and forms that you can sell on your private marketplace.

  • Marketplace

    Using your DocIQ marketplace, you can provide paid access to your contract library for your clients. Your clients can generate a finished contract or document using our intuitive SmartForm interface, saving you time and money. You set the price, and we take care of the billing and everything else.

  • Coming Soon: embedded marketplace

    With the embedded marketplace you will be able to embed your marketplace or individual forms with customizable branding on your own website using just a single <script> tag.

Swisscom uses Contract Vault's DocIQ platform to automate the processing of legal documents. We estimate that the usage of DocIQ will result in time-savings of up to 80%.

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